Manny as he appears in Def Jam: VENDETTA

Manny Gray is a fictional character who appeared in the 2003 EA Sports hip-hop influenced fighting game Def Jam: Vendetta as the main player's friend (although for altercations with the game's main boss  D-Mob becomes a temporary foe at a much later sequence in the game) and returned in the game's hit 2004 sequel Def Jam: Fight for NY, albeit with a somewhat minor role as he only appears as the main player's tattoo artist. Manny is of Puerto Rican decent. 


  • Lets do this! - Manny Gray.
  • Oh Yeah, I'm gonna run you into the ground-Manny Gray.



  • In Def Jam: Fight for NY, He is seen wearing a right earring which may indicate that he is gay and has come out at a later point in his life.